Age is Beauty

Time changes everything

It changes the air, the earth and you

Age is beauty

Life is precious

In this lifetime

The little hands that played in the sand

Will be sealed with a ring from

The man who loves you eternally

The rich hair that frames your beautiful face

Will turn the radiant colour of snow

The innocence in your eyes will

Become wisdom from all you have seen

Baby soft skin will transform

Into exquisite ripples of worldly beauty

Because age is beauty

You whom once was an inquisitive youth

Will grow and have your own little ones

You will create life, beloved, priceless

Treasured and cherished a life that will have

Love’s eyes

The curl of Love’s lips

The joy in Love’s smile

The shine of Love’s hair

The stride of Love’s walk

Because with time comes change

And with age comes beauty.



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