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Blind Hope

Blind Hope

I feel broken

Like a piece of glass

Held too tight

Shattered from a past I can’t fix

I feel lonely in

A world full of people

Who can’t help me

Find my bliss

I feel sad but

Glad I breathe

Air everyday so maybe

Just maybe my sad will go away

I feel torn between

What’s real and what’s fake

Who can I trust?

Who will give, who will take?

I feel like a liar

Who can’t tell the truth

So I lied and I lied and

I wasted my youth

I feel scared that

Someday the real me will appear and

What I see in the mirror

Will be my biggest fear

Most of all I feel blind hope

Though I may not always

Know my way

Somehow I’ve learned to cope

I feel hope for my present

My future and past

I feel hope that through everything

My hope is steadfast

So when I’m broken and lonely

Sad and torn

When I feel like lying because

I’m scared and alone

I will hold onto my blind hope

Until life’s purpose unfolds

I will keep moving forward

From the feelings so cold


September 30, 2018


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