• O.L.D.



People often ask me what it feels like to be depressed.

I guess they want to know if they have ever experienced it themselves.

Depression is the pain behind my laughter.

The heartbreak behind my smile.

It’s a past I can’t run away from.

It’s a future I can’t fathom.

It’s a mountain that sits on my chest.

One I can’t move, one I can’t climb.

Its tears shed from a long dry spell, a flooding of my soul.

It’s the memories like a reflection telling me my life story.

It’s a whisper in my ear telling me life just isn’t worth living.

But its also hope, hope that I will forge your way out of the darkness.

It’s a battle, a test of strength willing me to survive.

I’ve fought this battle many times before and have come out on the other side.

The question I am asking myself constantly,

The question on the minds of those who love me,

Will I win again?


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