Enlightened Rose

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

Although hell hath no fury

Like a woman scorned

From that scorn and fury

An Enlightened Rose is born

A rose by any other name

Just won’t smell as sweet

For there’s nothing more endearing

Than a woman that stands

On her own two feet

There’s nothing braver than

A woman who won’t cave

A beautiful rose

No man has to save

The light that shines in her eyes

No one can touch

It’s a brightness that comes from within

That says one day she’ll be ready to trust

Forgiveness or fight, wrong or right

An Enlightened Rose does what she pleases

Because she has earned the right to shine

From praying on bended knees

She loves herself with unbridled passion

She loves her life in all its fashions

The ebbs and flows, the ins and outs

The heart ache, the pain, the love and self-doubt

An Enlightened Rose can face her fears

Look past the darkness and dry her tears

She’s strong and righteous letting her heart lead

She’s bold and brave and will never concede

She is beauty and grace

Wrapped in wisdom and gold

She’s love sole purpose

Desire untold

The Enlightened Rose will never yield

She will never bow down

She will never retreat

Her will is like steal wrapped in silk armour

She’s fire, she’s ice no man can charm her

Her petals won’t fall her strength won’t fade

She’s glory and joy no one can contain

So when you are with her remember she’s rare

An Enlighten Rose, treat with love and with care.


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