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Journal Entry # 13

Journal Entry # 13

With a new season comes new beginnings. That never seems to change for me. During the winter months I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and find I have a low mood, depression and no motivation. But as soon as the sun starts coming out I begin to shine along with it. My hope is renewed, my motivation returns and my passions consume me replacing the melancholy I felt down to my soul. I do more—often more than I should. My doctor has warned me to slow down, that I am getting slightly elevated and that I must remember to balance my life with my mental health. I have a lot on my plate but everything I do I do with purpose and reason so I refuse to let any of it go. Gone are the mornings, afternoons and evenings where I wished for the day’s responsibilities to go away and leave me alone in my bed. Now I am up just right before dawn when I can see the sun rise and thank God for the new possibilities the day holds. I meditate for 30-minutes and do my morning yoga and I can feel the difference they have on my mood and my sleep. I do more in a day than I did in a week previously. I realized that I am able to accomplish and achieve when I push my way through my illness. Though I let winter defeat me this year it is my hope that I keep moving forward into the next season with all its challenges with the same reverence and dedication I show to spring.


May 23, 2019


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