Last Dance with Mary Jane

We danced all night

So close I kissed you

We spent years together

And now I miss you

Mary Jane you broke my spirit

Time and time again

I have come to the conclusion

You were never my friend

With a toke then a smoke

My mind was cleared

With a toke and a smoke

I lost all that was dear.

You are a destructive bitch

I can dance with no more

The bodies you killed

Are buried under the floor boards

We laughed, we cried

You were my salvation

Until I cried and I screamed

Over my ruination

I must say goodbye to you

My destructive friend

I must say goodbye before

My precious life ends

I am on the verge of greatness and

You are holding me back

I am in a war with myself

I am under attack

If I let you back in

That will be my end

I will toke and then smoke

And think you’re my friend

I will laugh in numbness

Afraid to face the truth

That you are a monster

Uncivilized and uncouth

So goodbye Mary Jane

Our time is at an end

I realized too late

You were never my friend.


September 20, 2016

St Michael’s Hospital, Psychiatric Unit

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