Let There Be Light

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

Your mind is like a battlefield

Fighting to win a war started

So long ago in your soul

A soul full of fears that whisper

Like a constant mantra of negativity

You feel you are losing the fight

To sanity because insanity

Lurks around every corner

It’s quiet and loud at the same time

Telling you you are not enough

To defeat the monsters that live inside your head

That live inside the darkness of your mind

Then another small whisper

A verse creeps through from an

Ancient time before time existed

Words He said that turned darkness to light so

“Let there be Light”

Let the battlefield shine with the

Strength of a new found understanding

With knowledge that you are

In control of how this war ends

You are your own champion when

It seems like you are drowning in doubt

You may not have a lion’s roar

Instead your quiet strength and determination

Will lead you to victory someday

With evert step you take you

Fight against the poison that had settled in your core

After a lifetime of regular doses

Stand tall in your fight, this fight with your mind

Never give up or accept anything less than

Total destruction of the demons that plague you

Clearing the darkness from your path

As you sore through life full of

Light, love and infinite possibility.


August 2, 2016

For Heather C., roommate

Lakeridge Hospital, Psychiatric Unit


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