• O.L.D.

Livy Did Not Live

Livy dies at 25

Never knowing life

Livy died all alone

With scars from her kitchen knife.

She lied on her kitchen floor

Slowly passing away

Thinking of her bitter life and

The years she threw away.

For Livy never fell in love

Nor a single chance she took

Livy never finished school or

Read an interesting book.

Liv was always a contradiction

Never living up to her name

Livy never lived at all

Her life was rather plain.

She never bought a lottery ticket

Trying to save her pennies

She never tried to capture a dream

Because she had too many.

She never took a trip abroad

So will never know the beauty of the world

She never indulged in the fantasies

She had as a little girl.

Livy never cried a useless tear or

Found humour in life’s little qualms

And now in her final moments

The laughter and tears won’t come.

For Livy never learned to laugh,

Her death won’t make her cry

Her eyes begin to close in relief for

The end of a life untried.

So never hang onto life’s regrets

Take all the world will give

Remember Livy’s untimely death and

Livy who did not live.


April 2001


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