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Updated: May 23, 2019


Mothers are a special gift from God sent from above

To teach us life lessons and shower us with love.

Mothers are like glue even when you don’t see them

They are hold us together whenever we need them.

Mothers are special they are more than a friend

They will stand by us to the bitter end.

Whenever you need them they are willing to give their hand and their hearts,

They will hold you up when things are falling apart.

They are willing to lead and guide us in all that we do

If we would only let them they will see us through.

They will try all they can to turn our darkness to light

They will go on bended knees to pray never giving up the fight.

In the good times and bad they are there for us all

encouraging us to hold our heads up high never letting us fall.

Their love and support will never fall short.

Though we may mess up sometimes their love is forever in our hearts.

Their prayers are unceasing like their devotion to God

Their love is unmeasured a bond solid as a rock.

They are caring and often know when we are hurting

They wipe the tears from our eyes when life is just not working.

Though they may not be perfect, though they may have their flaws,

A Mother’s love is never ending it can break through any wall.

Mothers with so many things you do I only have time to name a few.

You are so many things to so many people

A nurse, a teacher, a leader an unsolicited preacher.

Mothers you are truly a blessing to us a gift of eternal love sent from above.

They nurture us from the very start as they held us close to their beating heart.

A heart beat we were too young to understand, a loving pulse a guiding hand.

They hold our hands to see us through the good times and bad they stay forever true.

Thank you Mothers for the gift of life, love and everything you do

But most of all thank you for being you.

For believing in our dreams when the chips are down

A Mothers support is always around.

Thank you Mothers for your prays and support

For all the wet pillows from tears sent to the Lord.

So to all I say always love your Mother

Because God will never give you another.

So on this special day set aside for you Mothers we honour and celebrate you like no other.

Happy Mothers Day Mama, I love you a Universe.

O.L.D and D. Dainty

May 12, 2019


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