Updated: Apr 21, 2018

I’m proud of who I’ve grown to be

The challenges I face

The imbalance I embrace

With fearless positivity

I’m proud of what I’m becoming

My path now steady under my feet

I’ve learned from my failures

I’ve accepted my defeats

I’m proud I’ve survived

The trails that stood in front of me

The pain that only God could foresee

I have conquered

I’m proud of how I play

On this battlefield of life

I’ve fought a good fight with

My victories setting me free

I’m proud to be doing me

While others watch wondering at my

Authenticity that blooms

Growing into pure beauty

I’m proud to be open to

The infinite possibilities on

My journey to self-discovery and love

Most of all I’m proud of

The progress I’ve made

Through trails, mistakes and failures

I always held onto faith.


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