• O.L.D.

Rainbow in the Sun

I am a rainbow,

With all the manifestation of colour,

Shooting from all the pores in my body.

I am Red, Yellow, Orange ,

A dragon that blows fire.

The blood that flows through my veins,

Reminds me of the pain I feel,

When I’m not with you.

A rose with thorns of protection,

Protecting me until I can be with you. I am Green like Mother Earth,

Sewing seeds of love that,

The Blue sky rains on as I grow,

With, you, into you, all around you.

Seeds we have sewed,

That gave birth to a future,

Only us and God can touch.

I am the Sun that shines over

Your Soul warming your heart,

Which I hold in my hand in the sun.

You stare into me and your eyes burn

And your tears fall.

Love you cry for us,

For all we have lost and all we will gain,

When we are together again.



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