Relationship Prostitution

There’s a new Constitution that

Plagues the institution of

Relationships between men and women today

Men are showing girls their money

Expecting a taste of their honey and

Ladies you are cheaply giving it away

You are taking something reverent

Believing that it is prevalent to

Bartering it as such a low cost

The blindness that greed brings for

All those fancy things are

Causing former Goddesses to be lost

Now girls are sporting sexy suits and

Smooth high heel boots as payment from

Their Pimps...Oops...sorry…” Boyfriends”

Just to get diamond rings

They’ll excuse the little things like

White lies and sad eyes

Violent parts and broken hearts from other women

But it is hard to dispute that you are

Now a prostitute

Who will spread her legs

In the back seat after a joyride

In his ornate automobile

Because there are Geishas in this city

Posing as something much more pretty

Than they truly are

Perhaps it’s from past scares that

They emerge from childhood

So dirty and jaded that

They place the value of themselves in

The things that they can acquire but do not truly desire

Love use to be a deeper bond

Love use to mean you looked beyond

The surface of the material and superficial

But boys and girls today have somehow

Lost their way and stray to

These decaying forms of lust

The Red Light District is

No longer a place you can drive to and

Give cash to get ass

Oh no…it’s in our homes

In our sons and daughters

Who get together on a daily basis

To do sex exchanges in unlikely places

Like supermarket aisles or

Shopping malls or in front of the public’s faces

We need a first amendment to mend these broken people

Who believe love can be found in shopping malls

Break down the walls of the institution of

This new form of prostitution

Before love becomes a myth

That we tell to our children as bedtime stories

We need to stop all this playing

Rise up and start saying

I’d rather be worshiped than be bought

I’d rather your protection and

Your soul’s affection than

A dozen red roses from your cock not your heart

Ladies stop giving your love in rations and

Start demanding some of the passions that

Embody devotion and desire

Stop living in sin,

Stop it before it begins

Stop selling your virginity and

Start looking for the infinity that

True Love can provide

Step out of your delusions of this

Hypocritical revolution

Before future generations are touched by this lie


#4 Carleton Bus, OC Transpo Circa 2004


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