Shelter from the Rain

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

I need shelter

Shelter from the rain

I need someone to tell me

I will love again

I need a lucky star

To shine bright in the

Darkness of my pain

I need shelter

Shelter from the rain

How can you tell me you

Love me and lie?

How can you kiss me then

Kiss me goodbye?

You were the storm

The chaos I couldn’t see

You were pretend

A child’s make believe

I am the shelter that

Kept you warm at night

I was the referee for

Every single fight

I was your lover, your home girl, your friend

I was foolish to think

It would be you and I in the end

I will always love you

Isn’t that what the song says?

Well I will always hate you

For your fair weather trends

I need shelter from the rain

Someone to keep me safe and warm

I need a true love

Someone to protect me from all harm

I need it to be real and

Not for pretend

I need shelter from the rain

In order to love again.

September 12, 2016 (Manic)

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