The Phenomenon of the Bad Boy

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

They say nice guys finish last

Did you ever wonder why?

It’s because Bad Boys finish first

In the game of lovers that lie

See Good Boys always tell the truth

Cost them what it may

But a Bad Boy always spins a tale

So he can live to play another day

A Bad Boy tempts us

With only assets he has

His soulful eyes

His too sweet smile

His wicked wanton ways

He’s dangerous to our

Peace of mind

With the draw he has

That pulls us in

Whispering “one more time”

One more kiss or

One more touch

Could not possibly damage us too much

One more lie and

One more try

Won’t possibly mean we’re

Out of touch

But the reality is he’ll

Never love you more

Than he loves himself

A Bad Boy’s trump card is

His ability to convince you of

Any and everything else

He’ll tell you you’re the

Only one whose come close

To his soul

He’ll tell you you’re the

Only one he wants to

Catch and hold

He’ll whisper sweet somethings

In your ear

While stroking at your heart

You’re so distracted by his passion filled words

That all you hear is the

Irrelevant dishonest parts

For sweet nothings disguised as

Sweet somethings

Will turn a woman’s head

Bad Boy words are like a love drug

His cocaine kisses will have you addicted

His touch will have you so high

You will commit to a love that is not really real

So why take the Bad

Instead of the Good?

I often ask myself

Because there is just something exciting

About a man who knows his personal wealth

There’s something about

The smoothness of his stride

The unshakable confidence in his eyes

That makes my knees go weak

That wolfish glare

That Bad Boy stare

That look that says I am his next treat

And those hands?

Those strong man hands

That hold you too tightly

That tell you beyond a doubt of a shadow

Whose hands you should

Be dreaming of nightly

The sweet talk he spins

Is more than for games

He knows he will win

It’s like oral silk laced with verbal butter

He may tell you the truth

He may lie through his teeth

But he does it like no other

A wise woman once said

Bad Boys are no good but

Good Boys are no fun

She knew the truth too

The pain that would come

But she’d still choose

The Bad Mother F**ker

It’s phenomenal to me

How they get by us so easily

And make space in our hearts

Even as they turn and leave

Phenomenal still how

Those Bad Boys will

Look into your soul and

Promise you the world

With no intention of delivery

Really, it’s not the phenomenon of the Bad Boy I should speak on

But the wonder of the women who let them in.

Written - October 18, 2012

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