Updated: Apr 21, 2018

The thing about living in your Truth is

It can be really uncomfortable for

The people around you.

People fear the truth

They fear the consequences of honesty

Not realizing the only consequence that matters is freedom

We are all the sum total of our experiences and when

You are honest with yourself about what those experiences taught you

How they helped shape and define the person you are in the present

How that accumulated knowledge can change your future

You reach a level of self-awareness that others won’t understand

You are now compelled to speak your Truth regardless of what others think

You speak words that can shape and re-shape minds

You use your collective experiences to build a foundation where

Knowledge and wisdom define you.

When you live in your Truth its true that

Others may not like it, they may not like you and

Isn’t that everyone’s fear?

But time will pass and you will start to notice that

People, maybe many, maybe few will

Gravitate to you like bees to honey

They will wrap themselves around you, surrounding you

Like a warm embrace never letting go, standing by your side

Waiting to hear more of the Truth that makes you free

And as you continue to grow, stumble and fall

There will be people put in your path to

Help guide you along your way on your

Journey of Truth and ultimately self-discovery.

To all the people in my life that let me be exactly who I am

That allow me to live in my Truth without judgement

The ones who have listened and laughed with me

The ones who have cried with me, held me while I cried

You are my life lines, you catch me every time I fall

Though we are not all connected by blood we are connected by something far more divine and that’s the Truth.

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