In the saddest depth of light green eyes

I see a girl whose undefined

She can’t speak on the why and how

To busy living in the here and now

They tell her make plans, live life you’ll be fine

But deep down inside she still feels lost and undefined

Her family, her friends they don’t understand the

Journey of a thousand steps will begin when you hold her hand

They may not agree with the choices she makes

But shouldn’t point out every misstep and mistake

Just give her the freedom to let her mind run wild

Then sit with her a moment to see what she finds

A beautiful light with so much to give

A passion burning bright that can’t find the will to live

The cries for help that you see and hear

Are all desperation wrapped up in fear

She’s not crazy or lazy or defiant

She’s scared and alone and undefined

She rather check-out than ever check-in

For living for her is a loss not a win

She doesn’t believe in herself or the victories to come

For no one has told her

They will stand beside her

Now that the real battle has begun

Well my dear friend, my comrade in arms

I will walk with you keeping you safe from harm

I will protect you even from you

I will not lie only speak the brutal truth

When you try to run and God knows you will

I will pull you back from that ledge

Steadying you until you are still

I will be there when you need me

Listening when no one else hears

I will walk this road with you until the path is clear

You will know happiness and love and know that you’re dear

Your heart will be full and you will know your mind

Doubting yourself no more as a girl undefined

By O.L.D

For Natasha (Lakeridge Hospital - August 11, 2016)


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