Updated: Apr 21, 2018

You’ll have to kill me she said

As they struggled and strived and

He pinned her to the bed

Holding a pistol to her head for insurance

Come on you want me but

This dainty bee wouldn’t

Let him taste her honey

She knew there was pollution in her institution

Pretty girls would smile all day

Behind locked doors for hours they’d stay

Then emerge pretty no more

With stardust I their eyes

They would believe all his lies about

Poverty to wealth a better life without his wife

But not she

He was as handsome as sin dressed to win

With a deep dark fetish hidden behind his Armani suit

But he made a miscalculation of the situation

Trying to decide my mother’s fate

He never anticipated thorns on this delicate flower

Or the inner voice that roared Rape!

You’ll have to kill me she said

With a gun held to her head

Her courage intact but

Courage he lacked so he ran

Remember her well

Mr. Handsome as Hell

Mama’s a woman to be respected

She never gave in, never let you win

A force to be reckoned with undetected.


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