Untitled Love

My love is a motherless child

Abandoned and alone

Left out in the wild

My love I a lost soul

A story unwritten,

A story untold.

My love is sadness hidden behind laughter

He’s fear, He’s pain

A beautiful disaster.

My love is anxiety, depression and loathing

Living a life without meaning

That he hasn’t chosen.

My love is imperfection wrapped in black skin

He worries about rejection

Never letting people in.

My love is like a picture only I can see

A story, a memory

Made just for me

My love’s touch is like magic, honey to the taste

My love gives good love

That can’t be replaced

My love is an orphan boy trying to find his place

What my love fail to realize is

He has my love through time and space.

My love is forever he means everything to me

He’s captured my heart

He’s set my soul free.

My love is not abandoned, rejected or alone

My love lives inside my heart

It’s there he’ll find his home

So worry not my love, fear no more

You are loved without measure

Though I am here and you are there

We’ll walk this road together.


April 17, 2017

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